Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shadow Song

By Dorothy Keddington

Notes: When a young female journalist meets with a rock band of controversial superstars, her assignment takes an intriguing turn. Disturbing incidents cause her to wonder whether their reputation is based on media hype or a dark element of truth.

Mandi's Review: Shadow Song by Dorothy Keddington is definitely a "dated" book, but you can't go wrong if you love suspense, a LOT of romance, and good writing. This story is about a journalist, Megan Collier, who has been assigned to write a feature article on the arts in Colorado. As she takes in the concerts and studios surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, she is witness to a tragic car accident, and is placed momentarily in charge of a young boy named Cody while his dad races to help. When Megan is finally allowed to leave the scene of the accident, she realizes she didn't get a chance to really meet the dark-haired man who was the boy's father, but she brushes it off as no consequence. The wreck however haunts Megan, and when she is assigned to write an article on musician and star, Cole McClean, she couldn't be more disappointed. She wants only to finish off her assignment with a relaxing Shakespeare play and return home. However, after attending the concert, she is shocked to discover Cole McClean is Cody's father, and a visit to his ranch becomes the biggest adventure of all. This book is definitely a page-turner. There are some dark references to the occult, but Keddington's style and vivid descriptions will place you right in the middle of a beautiful Colorado ranch.


Cami Checketts said...

I love Shadow Song. I read it as a teenager and then again a few months ago to see if it was really as good as I remembered - it definitely was. Thanks for sharing a review on it.

Sherri Mills said...
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