Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fire of the Covenant by Gerald N. Lund

From Goodreads:

"In the summer of 1856, three companies of handcarts were outfitted and sent west from Iowa to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. All went well, and they arrived without undue incident. But two additional companies - one captained by James G. Willie, and the other by Edward Martin - left England late in the season. When they arrived at Iowa City, they were long past the time for safe departure across the plains. By the time they left Florence, Nebraska, with still more than a thousand miles to go, it was near the end of August. As if that were not serious enough, President Brigham Young thought that the arrival of the third company ended the migration for that season and ordered the resupply wagons back to Salt Lake. Fire of the Covenant is the story of those handcart pioneers and their exodus to the Salt Lake Valley. Author Gerald N. Lund has used the same techniques present in The Work and the Glory series to blend fictional characters into the tapestry of actual historical events, making this a story filled with all the elements of great drama - tragedy, triumph, pathos, courage, sacrifice, surrender and faith."

Jennifer's Review:

It breaks my heart to read about what these fine Saints went through to follow the counsel of a prophet, leaving behind family and friends to get to the Salt Lake Valley. Reading Fire of the Covenant gave me a renewed love for the sacrifices made by pioneers everywhere. The love they shared with one another and the faith in the Lord that was shown. What an amazing trek. I love the characters that are created and based on real people. I love the way this book moves. It is long and when I picked it up thought I would never be able to get through. It was suggested by a friend so I tried it out. I definitely got through. It is beautifully written and hard to put down. 

Thank you, Gerald N. Lund for writing such an account. Thank you for bringing these pioneers to life and helping to give us such a great understanding for what they went through.

I give Fire of the Covenant five stars for sure!

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