Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ghost of a Chance

A Nightshade Mystery by Kerry Blair

Publisher's Note: True love is like a ghost. Many people believe in both, but few find either. 
Samantha Shade has been hired to find out if there is more than rats and bats and feral cats haunting the crumbling remains of San Rafael Mission, home of Father Rodriguez’s impoverished flock. But soon the donut-addicted rookie private investigator is sidetracked by a series of murders occurring within the parish—and by the attractive police detective involved in that investigation. Several young men have been found murdered—each with a marigold between his lips. The clues all seem to lead to someone at San Rafael . Who could be responsible? Someone Sam knows and used to love? Soon Samantha comes all too close to the answer as she is led through the crypts below San Rafael on a journey that could only end on the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Mandi's Review: This is a cute LDS fiction. Samantha Shade is a down-to-earth, real character, and you'll find yourself laughing a LOT as you read this book. Kerry Blair's sense of humor will pull you in, and the plot will leave you shivering. The above description describes this book well. Samantha Shade is a private investigator, who drives around in a classic 1963 hearse, for a quirky little company called Nightshade Investigation. She is addicted to donuts, which makes her all the more memorable in my eyes. I love donuts. Her investigation of the San Rafael Mission places her working directly with the handsome young police detective, Thomas Casey, and her (asides) will leave you giggling until the very end. This is definitely a book worth checking out if you love dark mysteries with a good dose of humor.

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