Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frankly Frannie - Miss Fortune by A.J. Stern

From Goodreads:  Frannie's parents throw a party for Frannie with a fortune teller and Frannie finds her next new job: fortune teller, obviously! Frannie begins making up the fortunes of her friends at school and realizes that there is a difference between seeing the future and simply telling people what to do. After Frannie's customers start taking their fortunes too seriously by refusing to shower, do their chores, and even go to school, Frannie discovers that being psychic wasn't her hidden talent after all. And that is not an opinion!

From Heather:  This series of books is similar to Junie B. Jones or Clementine or Judy Moody.  If you like those, you will LOVE these!  Frannie is spunky and funny and very original.  Throughout the series she is trying to find the perfect job for her.  It's fun to see all the ways she can get herself into trouble! 

My only complaint (if I even have one...the books are adorable!) is that the author uses "kid-speak" quite often.  Sometimes it worked for me, sometimes it didn't.  And my girls really liked the kid speak, so I guess that is great for it's intended audience!  It's a fairly young, easy book though...maybe 2nd or 3rd grade.

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