Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Huckleberry Murders by Patrick F. McManus

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, what with the holidays and all.  As much as I love Christmas and all that goes with it, I'm awfully glad that the tree is down and my life (and house!) are just about back to normal.  Which is to say they are quite chaotic, but it's a chaos that I'm used to!  =]  Speaking of Christmas, my husband and girls bought me a new book for Christmas.  It's called, you guessed it,  The Huckleberry Murders by Patrick F. McManus!  So because that's what I've read this week, that's what I'm going to review.

Blogger is having problems (probably user error!) this morning, so I will just add my comments instead of a summary, which you can read HERE.  I'm not exactly sure how I felt about this book.  I have nothing to complain about (well, except the womanizing sheriff and his corrupt father and a host of other odd characters).  I have read other things by Patrick McManus, usually in the back of Field and Stream, and have found his writing funny and dryly humorous.  But the book was a little different than his short stories.  I don't know if it was better or worse, just different.  =]  After I read the book, I found out that this one, The Huckleberry Murders, is actually the fourth in the series.  Maybe I would like this one better if I had read the other three.  I'm off to the library to find out!  Three and a half stars.  (I'm out of room or there would be a picture!)


Rosenbalm Photography said...

You'll have to let us know if you like the first three! :)

Jillian said...

I was just about to write the same thing Jennifer wrote! I'm curious if you end up liking this book better after you read the first three.

Thanks for the review.