Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron

Abigail is more than ready for a change when she inherits a cottage from her beloved mentor, knitting guru Eliza Carpenter. Leaving the oppressive city for the greener pastures of a small California beach town, she intends to turn her cozy little windfall into a knitting shop and spend her days spinning, designing, and purling. But she's not going to be welcomed with open arms by her new neighbor. Eliza's disgruntled nephew, the gorgeous Cade, now owns everything surrounding Abigail's ramshackle new home, and he views this sexy city girl as an unwanted interloper.

But chemistry working overtime is drawing two very different people closer than they ever thought possible. And when the past that Abigail thought she'd left behind comes calling, she'll have to somehow learn to trust her handsome adversary with much more than just her heart.

Misty's Review:

Not as delectably adorable as you might think and not squeeky clean as the cover implies, but still an okay read. Cade is a jerk for way too many chapters, and even by the end I was still wondering what Abigail might see in the self-centered oaf. Maybe not seeing past the abs and the cowboy hat, honey. Cade is alternately overbearing or completely absent, vindictive, and reckless. Abigail is not a strong enough character to balance it, but unfortunately she is not sweet either to compliment it. She's oblivious, unrealistic in her expectations, needy, and kind of a clutz. I was surprised this was published in 2010 because it is written more in the style of the 1980s romances where every man is a chauvenist pig and every woman pretends to want to burn her bra. But Herron somehow pulls it all together to make it work.

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