Saturday, November 17, 2012

Entwined by Heather Dixon

On the back:

"For centuries, the Keeper has been waiting within the walls of the palace. But now Azalea, eldest of the kingdom's twelve princesses, has found the magic entrance to his hideout. Azalea, who thought her life was unfurling brightly before her, but then lost her mother. And her freedom. She, too, is trapped inside the walls of the palace by the strict rules of Mourning- no color, no sunlight, no suitors, no dancing. What is more, her father won't stop treating her like a child. So the Keeper extends an invitation. Each night Azalea and her sisters may dance in his silver forest. He is dashing, and his magnetic eyes are always on Azalea. What the Keeper wants in exchange may cost her everything. But the Keeper should not underestimate Azalea's temper, or her strengthor her love for her sisters and her kingdom."

Jennifer's Review:

Well, I have to say, this was CUTE! So clean, so intriguing. This story is based upon the Twelve Dancing Princesses, a story I never really understood. With this "version" I got it. :) Much better!

Azalea, being the oldest, feels the resposibility of taking care of her younger sisters resting heavily on her shoulders. While her father is truly grieving for the loss of her mother, Azalea must keep the family upbeat but is kept within strict rules of Mourning.

Just enough romance, suspense, with a twist of humor. An easy read that is great for all ages starting around middle school.

I give Entwined five stars!



Emily @ Falling For YA said...

I bought this ebook last Christmas and still haven't gotten around to reading it. After seeing how much you enjoyed it I'm moving it up on my TBR list I could use a clean romance right now =)

Emily @ Falling For YA

Jillian Thacker said...

You have to try Jessica Day George's version of this. It was amazing!

Rosenbalm Photography said...

What is it called?

Jillian Thacker said...

Princess of the Midnight Ball, I think. There are three in the Princess series... the second is Princess of Glass and I thought it was better than book one. I haven't read book three yet--it just came out!