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Dancing to an Irish Reel by

Twenty five year old Hailey Crossan takes a trip to Ireland during a sabbatical from her job in the LA record business. While there, she’s offered a job too good to turn down, so she stays.

Although Hailey works in Galway, she lives in the countryside of Connemara, a rural area famous for its Irish traditional music.  When Hailey meets local musician, Liam Hennessey, a confusing relationship begins, which Hailey thinks is the result of differing cultures, for Liam is married to the music, and so unbalanced at the prospect of love, he won't come closer nor completely go away.

And so begins the dance of attraction that Hailey struggles to decipher. Thankfully, a handful of vibrant local friends come to her aid, and Hailey learns to love a land and its people, both with more charm than she ever imagined.

Claire Fullerton is an award winning essayist, a magazine contributor, a former newspaper columnist, and a four time contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series. She hails from Memphis, Tn. and now lives in Malibu California. “Dancing to an Irish Reel” is her second novel.

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Liam and Hailey. Still thinking in about this one. I love novels set in Ireland, especially if I can listen to them as an audiobook, because what story about Ireland isn't enhanced by a lovely Irish brogue? In this case, I read the book with my own eyes and did the brogue in my head, and as it turns out, I have a pretty good mental Irish brogue. I wonder if I can put that on my resume.

Anyway, back to Liam and Hailey. I've said it a hundred times on this blog: for me, what makes a book great is great characters that stay with you. Liam and Hailey were both definitely complex and the entire novel left me thinking. It's been a long time since I read a book written in a really great lyrical style like this and I really enjoyed it.

Liam was exasperating in such a perfect way.

Hailey was less interesting. It was kind of a mystery what Liam found so intriguing about her because she seemed pretty plain. Everything interesting about her happened before the book even started. However, even though Hailey was doing this I think I'll just stay in Ireland crisis thing, she was the normal one in the relationship. She wasn't the one with issues so much as Liam, but I kind of liked them together, so it was a win.

A slew of interesting characters rounded out this story into an enjoyable read. I quite liked the book and would absolutely recommend it. Do yourself a favor and give this lyrical, delightful novel a try.

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Claire Fullerton said...

Thank you to Misty for this thoughtful review of Dancing to an Irish Reel. Very well articulated, and I'm grateful to be on your book blog during this tour! I LOVE that you read the book in an Irish accent! How perfect!