Saturday, April 14, 2012

Raging Rivers by Taylor Brady

On the front and back covers:

"A Family Born of the west- and bound by destiny, desire and the bold spirit of the American Frontier.

In wagons, in mule carts and on foot- down treacherous rivers and across endless plains- the pioneers came in search of the Golden Land- drawn ever westward by the glorious promise of the American frontier.

Fleeing the horrors of her past and the vengeance of violent men, young Katherine Carlyle buys passage aboard a flatboat bound for the Western territories- only to be shipwrecked by a catastrophic storm. Exposed to the devastating cruelties of the wilderness, it is Katherine who must lead a helpless group of women and children to safety- following a perilous trail that will carry her toward a rugged enigmatic frontiersman called Byrd Kincaid... and to a love that will bring forth a magnificent dynasty of intrepid adventurers and audacious dreamers."

Jennifer's Review:

I absolutely love Western Romance. I had forgotten that until finding my copy of the book series The Kincaids. Loads of excitement, death, heartbreak, betrayal, and, of course, romance! LOVE this series and will be re-reading it just for fun! :)

I enjoyed how this was written. Kept me turning pages all the way through.

These are rated PG-13.

I give Raging Rivers 4 stars.


SixMixedReviews said...

Ooo, right up my alley.

Jillian said...

Thanks for mentioning that they are PG-13... don't you wish all books came with a rating like movies?

Would you do me a favor and rate some of those American Indian romance novels you read in high school? I would like to read one or two that are PG-13. :)

Thanks for the review.