Thursday, March 8, 2012

Targets In Ties....

A "Secret Sisters Mystery" by Author Tristi Pinkston.

Publisher's Note: After two long years, Ren’s mission is finally over, and it’s time for Ida Mae, Arlette, and Tansy to travel to Mexico to pick him up. They have their itinerary all planned out—visiting the ruins in the Yucatan, shopping, playing in the sand and surf—and then they’ll head to Ren’s mission home and be reunited with that dear boy. But a wanted antiquities thief crosses their path, and soon the ladies find themselves tangled up in a web of lies, intrigue, and costly jewelry. Held hostage by men desperate for riches, they do what only they can do—keep their heads about them, plan their escape, and discuss the proper making of tortillas. Will they survive their most harrowing adventure yet?

Mandi's Review: Targets in Ties by author Tristi Pinkston is the 4th installment in her widely popular and witty "Secret Sister Mystery" series, and I have to admit I was very excited to review it.  Pinkston's colorful characters Ida Mae, Tansy, and Arlette are a delight, and you will quickly fall in love with their unique, yet "oh-so familiar" personalities as they board a plane and head to Mexico. The trio are excited and anxious to spend a couple of weeks touring the country and taking in the sights before they are reunited with Ren, Ida Mae's nephew, who has spent the last two years serving and teaching the people of Mexico as an LDS missionary. However, when Ida Mae catches a glimpse of notorious jewel thief, Manuel Gonzales, during a tour of ancient Mayan ruins their trip becomes anything but ordinary.  Full of intrigue, twists and turns, Targets in Ties will definitely keep you reading until the wee hours of morning. Pinkston's characters are a delight, and don't be surprised if you catch yourself laughing out loud more than once at the old ladies antics. I found Targets in Ties to be a very fun, enjoyable read, and I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun cozy mystery! I can hardly wait to read more by Author Tristi Pinkston. 

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Heather said...

I just picked up the first one in the series, Secret Sisters. So far I'm loving it! Thanks for the recommendation!