Thursday, November 3, 2011 told by Robert Specht

Publisher's NoteThe author tells the story as told to him of Anne Hobbs, a woman who went to Alaska in the 1920's to teach, but who had trouble due to her kindness to the Indians there. Alaska was as remote as the moon, as roistering and lawless as the Gold Rush. And a pretty young schoolteacher from Colorado like Anne Hobbs was even rarer than nuggets.

Mandi's Review: I'm veering a bit off course today, but one of my favorite things to do when the weather turns chilly and snow touches the ground is curl up with a  cup of hot cocoa and read about the bitter cold of the Alaskan Wilderness. I love feeling immersed in the fierce, snowy outdoors while still warm and snuggly in my own comfy chair. Tisha, the true story of nineteen-year-old Anne Hobbs, is a tale that will  warm your heart long after you've turned the last page. In 1927, not many women had the courage to brave the Alaskan Wilderness as a teacher in a tiny gold-mining community. But when Anne ventures to Chicken, a town set deep in the heart of the North, her world is forever changed. Not only must she battle the cruel elements, but she must also face down a community that strongly disproves of her kind actions and feelings toward the local Indians. This is a story filled with thrilling action, and you will rejoice and mourn with Anne as she faces the struggles and joy that fills her new life. This is a true story of love and adventure and I strongly give this book 5 stars! 

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