Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

I'll admit it right's been a tough reading week.  Between getting my house back to normal after the holiday (and the ten pies I baked last week!) and all the time I've spent Christmas shopping, I haven't had much time to read.  SO...!  I've decided to review one of my favorite books...The Talented Clementine.

From the back of the book:  When it comes to tackling third grade, Clementine is at the top of her game - ok, so maybe not ALL the time.  After her teacher announces that the third and fourth graders will be putting on a talent show, Clementine panics.  She doesn't sing or dance or play an instrument.  She can't even HOP with finesse.  And as if she didn't feel bad enough, her perfect best friend, Margaret, has so many talents, she has to alphabetize them to keep them straight.

As the night of the big "Talent-palooza" draws closer, Clementine is desperate for an act, ANY act.  But the unexpected talent she demonstrates at the show surprises everyone - most of all herself.

From Heather:  I love Clementine books!  They are absolutely adorable.  They are kind of like the Junie B. Jones books, only not so annoying.  She is charming and funny and her books are so fun to read.  Clementine's voice makes me laugh out loud. "Do you need me to spy on the sitter?  Make sure she doesn't smoke cigars? Or order things from the Shopping Channel? Do you think she's making phone calls to Australia?" or  "'I tried on all of the Popsicle sneakers.  The salesman asked me if I really had to test out each color by running across the store, climbing onto a chair, and then jumping off.  I guess he was new." 

As funny as she is, though, some of the things she says are pretty genius.  "My parents think I have a hard time choosing things, but that's not it.  I can choose things just fine.  The problem is, whenever you have to choose something, that means you have to not-choose about a hundred other things.  Which is not so easy."  Genius I say!  (So THAT'S why I have such a hard time choosing!)

The Clementine books also have a wonderful "supporting cast" too.  I love her principal, Mrs Rice.  She knows just the right way to work with Clementine...I wish all kids could be so lucky!  And her parents are not quite as crazy as some book parents.  (a huge pet peeve of mine, now that I'M the parent!)

I LOVE Clementine! Five Stars!


Jillian said...

What a fun review - and a fun book! How many books are there, do you know?

Heather said...

I think there are five books: Clementine, The Talented Clementine, Clementine's Letter, Clementine: Friend of the Week, and Clementine and The Family Letter. I've only read (and loved!) the first two, but I would guess the other three are fabulous as well.