Friday, September 23, 2011

"Deep in the Heart of Trouble" by Deeanne Gist

I love Deeanne Gist's books. I really do.(And Heather, you will love her book covers!) They are fun and a little different from your every day story. "Deep in the Heart of Trouble" did not disappoint. It is the sequel to "Courting Trouble" (which I haven't read) but I wouldn't know there was a story before. Here is the blurb from
Essie Spreckelmeyer is the last woman anyone in Corsicana, Texas, expected to see with a man on her arm. Independant and outspoken, she is known more for riding bicycles in outrageous bloomers than for catching a man's eye. And the last man who seems willing to give her a second glance is Tony Morgan, newly-hired at Spreckelmeyer's oil company. The disinherited son of an oil baron, Tony wants most to restore his name and regain his lost forture - not lose his heart to this headstrong blonde. She confounds, contradicts, and confuses him. Sometimes he doesn't know if she's driving him toward the aisle or to the end of his rope.

I loved Essie. She has a hand in everything and is truly a character. I thought the characters were developed enough to get a sense of personality from them all. The only problems I had with this book were that it seemed like it should have ended about 2 hours before it did. I thought everything was settled and wrapped up - there was love, conflict, reconciliation - but then it was like a whole new story was added on the end of the story, even though it was the same story with more love, conflict and reconciliation . But it was okay. And also for being an inspirational book, the references to anything spiritual were a little off. Maybe that's not the best way to explain it. There was no talk of God or anything spiritual, and I didn't really see the characters as spiritual, and then all of a sudden that's supposed to be her biggest attribute. It was just kinda weird. Not bad, just kinda weird.

All in all, this was a great read. There's no swearing, no sex, funny and likeable characters. I give it 4.5 stars. She has a new book coming out October 1st, and I will definitely be checking it out.


Misty Moncur said...

I've got this one downloaded. It's next on my list. And I've really liked her books too. Thanks for the review!

Heather said...

Ooh!!! I DO love the cover! =] I have never read any of Deeanne Gist's books, but they sound like ones I would like. I guess I'm heading to the library today! I love the blog because I get to read about books that I normally wouldn't even know about. Thanks for the review!

Jillian said...

Thanks for the review... I may have to check this one out.