Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sitnalta by Alisse Goldenberg

I am privileged today to be the next stop on the blog tour for Alisse Goldenberg's novel Sitnalta.

Everyone in the land loves Princess Sitnalta of Colonodona. Everyone except her father, the monstrous King Supmylo, whose thirst for revenge and hideous cravings, have nearly destroyed the once peaceful kingdom. He cares only for power—the more the better—and he despises Sitnalta because she wasn’t born a boy. He wanted an heir, a prince, to grow his kingdom and fulfill his own father’s legacy. But now, his only choice is to join with a neighboring kingdom, and at the tender age of 15, Sitnalta is to be married to another king who is at least as old as her own father.

But Sitnalta has other ideas. Before her father can come for her, she sneaks out of her bedroom window, scales the castle walls, and enters the magical forest that surrounds her kingdom. There she meets Najort, a kind-hearted troll, who was tasked by a wizard decades earlier to protect a valuable secret—with his life, if necessary.

But King Supmylo has vowed that nothing will stop him from returning his daughter to Colonodona, and forcing her to go through with the royal wedding. With the help of friends from both kingdoms, Sitnalta and Najort flee ahead of the rabid king. For if they are captured, Supmylo will become so invincible, no one could stand against him

Christina's Review: This is not a genre I would normally pick up but I have to say I enjoyed reading it. It was interesting and intriguing. I continued on because I wanted to know how the story would end. . . to find out how everything would wrap up. The ending wasn't what I expected. The storyline was cute and full of fantasy like a magic coin and a troll. I liked that Sitnalta was a brave and headstrong girl. She stands up to her father and stands up for her friends. Also before you have your young ones read this there was some swearing in the book.
Alisse Lee Goldenberg is an author of Horror and Young Adult fantasy fiction having written The Strings of the Violin (Prizm Books) and Bath Salts a Zombie Novel (Severed Press). She has her Bachelors of Education and a Fine Arts degree, and has studied fantasy and folk lore since she was a child. Alisse lives in Toronto with her husband Brian, their triplets Joseph, Phillip, and Hailey, and their rambunctious Goldendoodle Sebastian.
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