Saturday, December 1, 2012

Steal His Heart by Diane Darcy

Goodreads Synopsis: What if keeping your job depended on keeping a secret? Daisy Manning has been testing security by shoplifting in Worthingtons Department store for five months. Not once in that entire time has she been caught by security personnel. Until today.Kent Whitaker is disgusted by the beautiful thief he’s caught red-handed, and even more disgusted by his attraction to her. While he won’t allow himself to become romantically involved with a thief, he can certainly help out a friend by curing his daughter of bad habits. They both fight their growing attraction, Kent because dishonesty is the one trait he cannot tolerate, and Daisy because Kent is directly interfering with her long-range career goals. But when an unskilled matchmaker tries his hand at getting them together, the unexpected happens to them both as Kent gets distracted and Daisy steals his heart!
Christina's Review: This is a book I recently read. It was a good book. Just a warning, Diane Darcy really likes to write about kissing and occasionally is very descriptive about a kiss. Still a clean romance though. I liked the storyline. Daisy is shoplifting and Kent is the security man. He falls for her but is torn because their values are so different. Cute book. Quick and easy to read. I enjoyed it and I have read it a few times.

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