Thursday, August 30, 2012

Texting Through Time

Texting Through Time: Trek With Brigham Young

Written by Christy Monson

Publisher's Note: When 12-year-old Micah “borrows” his father's experimental time-travel phone, his hopes for seeing the future are dashed as he and his sister, Alicia, end up trapped in the past at Brigham Young’s boyhood home. This book is a fun way to discover Church history and learn that no matter what time period you are in, God is still aware of you.

Mandi's Review: I LoVe this book! What a fun concept. Texting Through Time: Trek With Brigham Young by author Christy Monson is the perfect book for middle-grade readers. When Micah and his sister Alicia borrow their father's experimental phone they hope to see the future. But when things go wrong, they quickly find themselves trapped in the past. Stuck in the early 1800's they meet Brigham Young on his 11th birthday. Thus begins an adventure that will lead them through Brigham Young's life as they try to get home. Both Micah and Alicia learn they must rely on each other and especially the Lord as they progress through time. This book brings history to life and will enlighten readers at any age. The author does a wonderful job bringing the audience right into the heart of the story. This quick read is written in a way that is both fun and unique and will leave you with a greater understanding of early church history. I congratulate the author on a job well done!

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Heather said...

I started this one, but never finished it. I love the idea, though. Looks like I will have to take another look at it. Thanks for the review!

Jillian said...

Thanks for the review. :)