Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Not Just Anybody Family by Betsy Byars

"When Junior Blossom wakes up in the hospital, his last memory is of crouching on the barn roof with cloth wings tied to his arms, and of Maggie and Vern in the yard below, urging him to fly. That had been just before Junior spotted a police car approaching the farm in a cloud of dust.

Meanwhile Pap, the children's grandfather, sits in disgrace in the city jail. He was arrested for disturbing the peace after his pickup truck accidentally dumped 2,147 beer and soda cans (worth $107.35) on Spring Street.

With their mother away on the rodeo circuit, it's up to Maggie and Vern to find a way to rescue Pap and Junior. How will they solve their family problems?"

Jennifer's Review:

This book and the following in the series are some of my favorite children's books. This is one I read to my sister when we were young and have since read to my kids. They enjoyed them almost as much as I did.

The characters are intriguing and definitely keep you guessing. They have such an interesting, upside down life you can't imagine what will happen next.

They are a tight knit family with a loyal dog. Just good clean fun! Great for all ages.

I give The Not Just Anybody Family five stars.

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Jillian said...

I think about the Blossoms quite often! I'm so glad you read them to me when we were little. Such great memories. I can't wait until my little guys is old enough to enjoy them. :)

Thanks for the fun review.