Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Encounter by Candy O'Donnell

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            Book Blurb:
She didn't only touch his heart... she touched his soul.
Twenty-two year old Eric Holtzer didn't know what hit him when he first encountered Vivian DuCrane in the hotel lobby. Being a Prince from another country did have its benefits--awesome benefits, such as booze, fast cars, and women, but Vivian was something special--and she was about to turn his world upside down!

       Christina's Review: I wasn't immediately drawn into this story. I felt like it started out slow. I also felt like the plot had holes and the story moved quickly, like the plot was rushed. It didn't flow well for me. To me it wasn't G rated but more PG. There was a lot of references to sex and alcohol but the main character is a playboy type. It bothered me that he was "cut off" but then his mom immediately went to his aid and he was given everything back. It was good but not one that I felt like I couldn't put down because I was so captivated by the story. It isn't one that I will go back and read again and again like some other books that I have read.  

About the Author: 
Candy O’Donnell was born in Carmichael, California.
At the age of twelve, she wrote her first mini book. Filled mostly with what took place with her mother and her long tedious bout with leukemia. It was a short story told as extra credit when she suffered a sprained ankle and had to be out of school for over two months. School officials refused to believe a word of what she had written until her grandmother, her guardian back then, entered the school with the truth. Everything she had written down was exactly what took place. Unfortunately her mother succumbed to the disease.

             She earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and Culture. After living with her aunt and uncle for over five years she wished to explore her uncle’s Native heritage and did so with vigor. She also has 6 Grad units in Criminal Justice. Someday she might go back and finish her Master’s.

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