Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Elf Tears by Kimberly Stoddard

In a world where elves and humans fear each other, where magic and technology never mix, one elf started a war to break the status quo. In doing so he made many enemies, and now Princesses Éadra and Learé fight to keep their forest free from his rule and to avenge the death of their mother.

Nothing goes as planned. Éadra finds herself a slave in Erron's fortress, and Learé gets entangled in the affairs of flarefoxes, unicorns, and even dragons. Before they can hope to end this war, they must learn the hardest lesson of all: to let go of the past, and forgive.

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Elf Tears is Kimberly's first book. She loves to read and write fantasy, and her goal as an author is to provide people with clean, fun fantasy that the whole family can enjoy. You can catch up with Kimberly Stoddard on Facebook or check out an excerpt of Elf Tears on her blog.

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