Monday, April 7, 2014

Author of Screaming Divas visiting the blog today

Welcome to the Screaming Divas blog tour. For this stop on the tour, we have Suzanne Kamata here to guest blog for us. Awesome, right? I got to ask Suzanne this question:

"I really like books that have a theme other than to entertain. What does Screaming Divas teach girls about growing up? What do you want readers to take from it?"

So take it away, Suzanne!

When I wrote Screaming Divas, I set out to entertain myself -- and future readers down the road. On the surface, Trudy, Harumi, Cassie, and Esther are not great role models. Trudy sets fire to a guy’s bedroom after he dumps her; Harumi lies to her parent; Cassie experiments with drugs and sex; and Esther has a hard time standing up for herself. They do a lot of things that I wouldn’t want my daughter to do, but I wouldn’t mind her reading about those things and understanding what the results of certain kinds of behavior might be.

Maybe the bigger takeaway here is that if you want to something to happen, you have to be proactive. The spirit of D-I-Y is all through this book, as well as my previous novel Gadget Girl, in which my main character creates a manga series and builds a following for it. In Screaming Divas, Trudy wants to make her life better and pursue her dreams of rock-and-roll fame, so she starts a band from scratch. They write their own songs, they get gigs, they make it all happen themselves. That was pretty much the whole idea behind the Riot Grrrl Movement, which inspired this book. So, yeah -- Girl Power! Girls can do anything. They just have to believe in themselves, and not give up.

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Thanks for being on the Screaming Divas tour, Misty!!


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Thanks for having me on your blog!!!

gaijinmama said...

Thanks for having me on your blog!!!