Monday, February 24, 2014

Escaping Safety (by Bonnie Gwyn) Blog Tour

Book Synopsis: Christina has grown up literally "sheltered" in a sanctuary run by mysterious Officials who offer safety in exchange for captivity. She's already suspicious of the Officials when she meets Tyler Andrus, commander of the T-Squad: a group of rebels on a quest to destroy the sanctuaries and bring light back into the world. Having yearned for freedom all her life, she joins them in a journey of hope, terror, and self-discovery.


Hi and welcome to my stop on the Escaping Safety blog tour! I was given an ARC of this book to read and review. It has been a crazy weekend here with all of my kids and husband getting the stomach flu so it was nice to have a good book to sit and read between loads of laundry. I enjoyed reading Escaping Safety and not just because I share the name of the main character :) I thought the book was well written and the storyline was interesting and intriguing. I didn't really enjoy the ending but that is because it left me wanting more to read. . . to continue the story and find out what happens next. I am excited to find out more about Alex and what is going on with him. He was a confusing character. Is he really as bad as he seems? What will happen with the T-squad. Reading this book left so many questions. The writer does a good job with being vague. There is definitely no guarantees in this book. You definitely can't predict an ending in her story. It is very intriguing. I didn't realize until I saw the cover that it was a trilogy. But I am excited to continue Christina's story and will definitely pick up books 2 and 3 when they are released.

About the author:
Bonnie Gwyn wrote her first book, about a talking grandfather clock, when she was six – and hasn’t stopped writing since. In fact, she can’t “not write,” and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She hasn’t missed a day of writing in her journal for the past four years!  As a winner in this year’s National Novel Writing Month challenge, Bonnie produced her latest dystopian novel, Escaping Safety, and is now working on its sequel. She is also close to completing a fantasy romance series, The Legends of Elldamorae, whose characters have captured her heart and can’t wait to have their stories revealed.  
Bonnie's mantra is, "I write because I believe every story deserves to be told."   
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