Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Singer of All Songs by Kate Constable

Synopsis (from goodreads.com):
Kate Constable's lyrical, acclaimed fantasy debut--now in paperback Calwyn has never been beyond the high ice-wall that guards the sisters of Antaris from the world of Tremaris. She knows only the rounds of her life as a novice ice priestess, tending her bees, singing her ice chantments, and dreaming.

But then Calwyn befriends Darrow, a mysterious Outlander who appears inside the Wall and warns of an approaching danger. To help Darrow, to see the world, and perhaps to save it, Calwyn will leave the safety of the Wall for a journey with a man she barely knows--and an adventure as beautiful and dangerous as the music of chantment itself.

Jillian’s Review:
This book kind of felt longer to read than is should have. It’s one of those travel adventure fantasies where a lot of things happen and you get a handful of heroes (like Lord of the Rings minus all the Elves and Dwarves). I did like Calwyn, though I wish she discovered her special abilities sooner so we could watch her develop more throughout the story. Darrow is a nice guy, but there isn’t nearly the chemistry that I like to see between love interests, which I guess makes this a better read for the older Middle Grade reader. Don't expect any romance, it barely has any and it's only at the very end.

I have books two and three on my nightstand just waiting for me to read. Hopefully they won’t take me as long to get through and I’m really hoping for more romance.

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